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deviation in storage by JustZoni
deviation in storage by JustZoni


Chapter 95 is out! You can read it here:…
(Sorry I'm a bit late! I lost track of what day it was XD )

~Spoilers Ahead~Proceed with Caution~

So we start the chapter back in the creepy chessboard of Ciel's mind...
This whole scene was both creepy and intriguing! I'm glad that Ciel came to the realization that he doesn't want revenge for his parents, but for himself. It made me have a different perspective of him, honestly.
Drawing wise, I thought page 12 in particular was striking and beautiful. It was simple, yet Toboso was able to convey so much with just Ciel's face alone.
Page 16 O.O Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly! A prideful, vengeful, murderous butterfly! ^^;
Ciel's back! Yeeesss!! Finally! *mini party alone in my bedroom b/c I'm cool like that*
Page 20- My thoughts are "SHIPSHIPSHIPSHIPSHIP" just sayin' XD
I love Finny and Ciel's bromance ;^; And Bronte is my new favorite snake XD
Overall, I thought some pages were drawn beautifully, while some were a bit subpar compared to Toboso's usual work (is it just me? I hate criticizing the art b/c Toboso is one of the best and most consistent manga artists I know...)
I am sooooooo glad Ciel is back to normal, and I'm assuming you guys are too XD
But, I'll leave you with this question: Do you think Sebastian would have gone through and eaten Ciel's soul if he hadn't stopped him? Do you think he really wanted to? In X amount of chapters when Ciel completes his revenge, do you think Sebastian will devour Ciel's soul like he promises, or do you think he'll hesitate? (unrealistic smut theories are always welcome XD )
btw I love that she had Joker and Doll cameos! ;P
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